Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I didn't make the art competition, though it took them a week to get the message to me.  I wonder if my mom made it in.  Have to ask her when she gets home.  But I only have one more to enter, just need to decide what to send in.  I already know what exhibit I'm going for.
got my math homework in this morning, now I've got the second exam to do by friday.  I'm hoping to do better on this one, so I'm going to check out the review sheet the teacher puts up for these.
Watched Baxter, or parts of it.  That movie is rather twisted so I decided to watch Facing the Giants when I got home to 'get my head straight' as my dad put it.  Certainly helped me get it out of my head.
English is hitting crunch time, so I've got to put two poems in dropbox for a classmate so they can intro me for the reading.  And I've got to decide what to say for my intro of a different classmate.

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