Friday, March 20, 2015

Not Helpful.

Finally heard back about the church art competition, but the attachment that's supposed to tell me the results is absent in the email.  At least I can confirm my entry to my teacher, but I'd like to know if I made it past the first round. Sigh.
Well, this past workshop for photo went well, but now they want me to spend time pretending I am a cat.  There were a few who wanted me to dig up poor Princess, but there's no way I'm doing that.  Of course the playing a cat part was hinted at needing a GoPro camera-which I doubt I can afford-and someone else filming me at the same time.
Marley got her growth removed, so she's not feeling so good.  But I think she felt a bit better when she realized we hadn't dropped her off and left her at the vet's for good.  But she's shaky and we have to keep her from eating for a while.
Less than a hundred pages left of Walden, but there is very little to suggest why its deemed classical literature.

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