Friday, March 27, 2015


No, I'm not thinking of the common acronym here.  There's a sign block at my work with these letters, but they have it as This Grandma Is Fun or something like that.  Think I should get that for my grandma.
My wrist started hurting at work today, so I'm typing with a brace on-not going so well as I keep hitting the wrong letter or the space bar at the wrong time and having to go back.  Working the mouse isn't fun either. Sigh...
Well, less than 40 pages to go in Walden then I get to start The Scarlett Letter.  Which the discussion from Class yesterday prompted a discussion at home as I pronounce 'preface' as pre-face which bugs my dad.  Can't help that I haven't heard it out loud much and so I guess.
Got my bike down after work today to see how the tires and brakes are holding up as my mom wants to go on a bike ride with my dad and I tomorrow morning.  It's fine, the tires just needed a little air so far.
Stupid brace hit a button that tried to erase everything I'd typed just now. Sheesh....

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