Friday, September 6, 2013


I'm not doing that again.  I told you that we drive kubota's at work (like a four wheeler sized dump truck with a roof over the 'cab')  well, on Wednesday I was driving one of those along the street that runs through campus (we call it the frontage, but that's not its real name-I think).  I had pulled over to confirm where we were working with my supervisor when one of my coworkers stepped in front of the kubota.  Well, to tease them I nudge the kubota a little closer (it was also to warn them to get out of the way).  They stepped back a little, and I moved my foot to the brake and pressed down a little-or so I thought.  Instead I somehow hit the gas again, and nearly knocked said coworker over.  Thankfully didn't hurt them...
Of course, that same coworker went to sit in the same kubota later after I had parked it-the kubota's have a strong parking brake, but they are also a little sensitive, as my coworker found out.  When they sat down, they nudge the parking brake lever loose and nearly ran over my supervisor, who was standing behind it loading dirt in.  We were cleaning up the base of a newly planted tree, which of course was on a hill, so the back end was going downhill when I parked it.
My supervisor managed to avoid getting run over, but they also tried to keep it from going downhill-any further, it was already headed that way-until my coworker got the parking brake reapplied.  The only problem was it took them two tries to get it to stop.
Have my first two real assignments due next week.  1st one in photography, which I'll have to find time to do tomorrow, and a small one in play-writing.  Photography involves taking pictures that explore the camera, while the playwriting is using a classmates 'voice' in a dialogue.  That one needs two drafts.
We cut down sagebrush for the track team yesterday, and that was hot.  Also got to pull weeds and pick up more trash-yea...
I'm trying to do my math homework, but the bane of online classes is getting me.  the page won't load.  It goes to the login screen, but after I enter my stuff and press login it just sits there and tries to load.
Doesn't help that I woke up with a headache again, and my supervisor took today off.  Plus they want us to weed whack (there's only going to be two of us at this point, as one took the day off, another caught bronchitis-ick-, and the third has a big day tomorrow so they might come in, but I can't count on it.
This day is not looking up so far, though my committee meeting was nice.  Got to help set up the marquee this time, but my president is sick too, so I had to avoid them a little -they'd feel really bad if they gave it to anyone else.  Plus I got muffins and fresh fruit for breakfast, and changed my dentist apt. for two weeks from today (it was going to be in the middle of photography class on the Wednesday after next but I shifted it to friday so I won't miss class.
So not a good day so far, but not a bad one either.  This should be fun.

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