Wednesday, September 25, 2013

That Took Talent...

We did spend most of monday (my supervisor and I) helping the student council and student association (who are students as well) do the homecoming paint the town in school colors thing.  We first had to run the stencils they needed over to the two locations (they were within three blocks of each other, but that's a good ten minute walk  after a ten minute drive to get to the first one from campus) but that took longer than usual because the truck right rear tire picked up a pound in screw that flattened the tire (poor mechanic had to yank it out and then spend 5-10 minutes getting a plug in the hole so we could still get there relatively on time).  Then we spent the next three hours running the paints back and forth, helping set up the barricades (which a lot of people drove right past the 'road closed ahead', 'road closed', and the caution cones/ those tripod things-even after we slid them as close together as we could manage given the limited number we had to work with) then picking it all back up and taking it back on campus.  We didn't get first break due to that so we left a half hour early (I got to go see Pacific Rim with my siblings).
Yesterday my supervisor left early (they'd been called in early again) but there was plenty to do.  We cleaned up the stadium (my other two coworkers did-the 18 year old pulled a no show monday and got fired for it, and the 16 year old switched to night school and day shift at work-blew it off while my supervisor and I were running the paint stuff) and relaid out those stupid chain lined carpet things, replaced the metal benches, laid out some heavy black pads (no clue what those are for) and then ran trash.
I feel bad as I stuck my foot through a door as my 17 year old coworker tried to close it, resulting in a double bruise on my right shin/calf.  They kept beating themselves up over it despite my reassurance that I was okay.  I had to tell them that they'd already apologized (several times) so if they kept it up I might start hitting them.
Its raining!

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