Friday, October 4, 2013

It's Cold.

Yep, it snowed last night.  At home we got close to an inch, but at school/work it didn't stick at all. sigh.
Well, while my supervisor was gone I help them plant stuff in the new beds by the gym (recently remodeled, hence the new beds) and lay out the irrigation piping.  Tried to trim bushes around the lecture hall yesterday but didn't finish that.  Got too dark to see, and cutting something at random might get me in trouble, if I don't land myself in the hospital first.
But I got 80% on my third math quiz!  and yet now I have to find time on monday, tuesday, or wednesday next week to take the first test. Grr.  I wanted to get all the other homework for next week done but the next set of poems for review are not up yet.  And they're supposed to be up a week early, meaning yesterday (literally).  I still have time for the MM's today, so after getting math done that 's what I'll do before work.
National Cinnamon Roll Day!  We're giving them away at the institute until 1p.m. today.
And the government shutdown may cancel a vacation my parents have been planning months in advance that was supposed to be the week after next...

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