Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It got really cold monday night and yesterday...So cold it wore me out.  I was blowing off the stadium on monday and the coaches told me I was disrupting practice-which hadn't started yet-and would I wait til they finished.  They would have finished around 5:30, so my supervisor told me to leave it til yesterday.  They commented that the coaches seem to think that 'little elves will come in the night to finish it' because we go on break at 6, and after that it gets dark and very cold rather fast.
Ah well, project two for photography is in, though the teacher said three of my pictures could be a lot darker still.  But my classmates liked the other five.
Only managed 53% on my first math test...I'll have to try harder.
We only get one day for fall break! and its a Friday-which I don't get off from work-so I'd have the day anyway.
Tried to blow off more yesterday, but didn't finish then either.  Between the wind and track team coming in I didn't have a lot of time.  We had to repaint the soccer field (for the last time) after that.  But cleaning my supervisor's paint stuff was cold!  The wind felt like it went right through me, and being inside the shed helped very little.
Second set of poems is in...

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