Saturday, October 12, 2013


Still don't know my math score for the first test.  Didn't rain yesterday, but once the sun went down it got a bit windy, which made it a lot colder than the 52 degrees it was supposed to be.
More trimming, which we got all the critical stuff(I think).  Saw an old coworker from when I worked for a school district over a year ago.  They were coming to the university for the theater costume sale (this happens once every year)and needed directions.  They didn't recognize me until I took my hat off.
My institute committee is having a party tonight, which I hope I can make time for.
Thankfully the second round of poetry stuff isn't giving me the same issues I had this week (so far, but I plan to get ahead just in case).
But I didn't get my photography stuff done yesterday, and I won't have time today. grr.  So it's a good thing I've got monday, though I really didn't want to take that much time.

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