Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm a little out of it...

Ever had one of those both really good yet really bad weeks?  I'd say day, but it covers the week so far.  My grandfather went into the hospital for surgery on aneurisms (he had several) only for his health to go south before the painkiller wore off.  Monday his vitals took a dive.  They got them back up, but his chances were looking increasingly bad.  Yesterday they brought him home and took him off the trac tube he'd been given after pulling the by mouth one out.  He lived for a bit but died last night.
Then my sister who was pregnant and due next week went into labor very early this morning.  I had school, but I came over after and was able to witness the birth.
School is starting to get caught up (though I wasn't really falling behind) and it's raining-or it was this morning.

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