Friday, October 18, 2013


No, that's not me throwing up.  Just got tired of feeling icky yesterday.  But I'm much better today.  Took the day off from work anyway.  Stupid dog woke me up four times last night though.  My sister's mini hot dog type dog( can't remember how to spell that word) was the one barking, with the other two quite silent.
Last day of work was cleaning the stadium all day.  First with washing the 'special seating' chairs again.  At least I didn't fall this time.  Then we cleared all the dead branches and debris from behind the east side of the stands (it's built on a mountain side so there are trees in a small hill area that leave a lot of that stuff) which took around 3 hours.  Then we gathered up any remaining garbage, re-blew off the base of the east stands, and then put everything away.
I was cold, so I think I got a chill to accompany my usual allergies. grr.
But I got all my homework in for the week, plus the math quiz.  Didn't do so well on that one, only 64%. sigh...
And now I'm in the market for a new job as well...

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