Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Yes, I actually wore a costume to school today.  just the same one I've been using for the other parties I've been to though.  I got a lot of compliments on it, despite the fact that wearing a cloak all day made me realize a few things.  Namely that when you see someone in a movie wearing one they aren't flicking it around just for dramatic emphasis.  It's also to keep the stupid thing a bit under control and not under foot.  If you've seen the Incredibles, Edna has a valid point about capes.  My sister kept stepping on it and nearly strangling me.  Doesn't help that the cape is one I'm borrowing from her and she's just a bit taller than me-and the cape is meant to touch the floor with her wearing it.
Looks like a nice storm is coming in.  I promised my sister when she had her new baby I'd make her a carrot cake and bring it to the hospital.  I think she was jealous of the effort I put into the one I make for my dad's birthday every year.  I've got it made and frosted, I just have to get it over there.  I hope that's okay with the staff...
Barely remembered the last of my homework last night, and I've still got math stuff to do.  but photography is ready for monday (as previously mentioned) and everything else is in.  I have one last set of workshop poems for that class, and the letters are due the same day.
Doesn't feel like Halloween though...

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