Saturday, September 5, 2015

Okay(breath of relief)

I can still make this work...Yesterday was not cool though.  The gas I put in my scooter didn't even get me to the highway, so I was late to class and missed my first math quiz.  Thankfully the teacher will let me take it on tuesday(YES!)so that won't cause issues.  Plus some ward members my whole family is good friends with came by and helped me out-and discovered a slow leak(though it may not be as slow as I would like)in the rear tire.  Put air in it but its still mushy. And they very kindly filled my tank so I had no trouble making it to my second class-english-but I was still mad about math.
The wind yesterday was threatening to blow me off the scooter, and yanked my head if I moved it in any way.  Have to fix the helmet a bit due to a gap between my chin and the front allowing the wind to suck the moisture from my eyes-not fun at all-so I can drive without my eyes feeling like sand paper.
Wanted to enter something in the fair-last day to enter is today-but have no means of getting it there in time. Oh well.
Work was nice, given my coworkers all felt similar to me and so we were being nice to each other-when we weren't laughing at some random thing that happened in a rather funny way-for the night. Ran into a couple of teachers from the school I worked at for three years.  So not bad.

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