Thursday, August 27, 2015


Looks like we'll have to break that stupid pilot bearing to get it out.  We can move it but it still will only go so far.  Spent last night with my dad yanking on it.  He's thinking I should get a metal chisel and break it-don't have one at the moment-with hopes that it won't damage the crank shaft.  We'll see.
The dean agreed with my professor, so I'm stuck taking that class again next semester-too late for this one, I've already got it set up-and still hoping to graduate in april. I hope...
Rode my scooter to work tuesday after my dad bought me a new battery for it.  Rather nervous for a number of reasons, but it went rather well I thought.  It's still hard to get that thing up on the stand, and back it into the garage.  I've worked out a way to get it up every time-involves standing straight up on one foot on the lever, but it works.  Takes a bit of a balancing act but I think I've got it down.
Can't use it for school, just can't go fast enough on the highway to be efficient for travel.
My sister got the riding lawnmower working, which I think my youngest brother is using at the moment, but it could be our neighbor who has a similar one.  So much to do....

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