Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Oh Great...

That rain we had on monday did have a downside.  The drain spouts for our roof got clogged and so it flooded the workshop/workout area and part of the laundry room.  My siblings and I spent a good half hour trying to block it out of the laundry room-failed to realize just how bad it got the workshop til after it stopped-and prevailed using pool floaties.
Problem with it flooding the workout area is there was good wood in there-we managed to save the stuff that got wet, the rest was out of the way-and those seriously heavy black rubber mats they use in gyms and such.  Anything larger than say a foot square needs two hands, and most of ours are at least 4x4 or bigger. Which requires two people dragging them to move.  They are dry now, but we don't have the man power to put them back in place.  So they're in a stack waiting for more hands.
My sister got the bolt off that I cut monday, and so we were able to remove the drive shaft-YES!-and drop the back end of the transmission.  It got too late last night to change the clutch, but it's ready and waiting for today.  Still need new bolts and am waiting for the new filler neck, but I might have my truck back this week!
She also got my dad's old motorcycle up and running-temperamental from sitting for so long in the garage-and so he hopes to get that registered and insured so they could use it before it gets to cold.  Reminds me of getting to my scooter, but I don't have the money to register and insure it right now....

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