Thursday, August 13, 2015


Okay, been a long week.  My dad's afraid I'll have to tow my truck-we've taken it apart enough that I'd have to tow it there-to a auto place as the bolts are still not coming out. My sister's found a few techniques she wants to try before we give up though.  Here's hoping they work, but its still a one person job so I can't help.  She just keeps me informed because it is my truck.
So kind of water line repair construction is going on up and down our street, and at the moment we're stuck in our house unless we want to walk-and I'm not sure they'll let us do that-along with our next door neighbor due to a hole in front of the west exit of our driveway and the equipment in front of the other end. Out neighbor was out there talking to them when my mom and I discovered this-she needs to get her car from a bus stop area and asked me to drive her there-but so far we're still stuck.
Work was a bit crazy tuesday as we had a rain storm that showed my dad's cement wall worked, but now we've got other leaks. Sigh...and the disposal isn't working, the clothes washer doesn't want to work-need to do laundry saurday...-dryers are iffy and the dishwasher still doesn't work.  So we've got stuff piling up. But work was a bit fun despite that.  I did get off late-big surprise-and the manager for that shift accidentally knocked a stack of trays over onto the sandwich maker behind them, scaring all three of us-they were helping me with a rather large stack-and pausing things while we got them back in place.  No injuries and not really a mess, so it was just funny.
Went to an amusement park with my parents and siblings-oldest brother didn't make it, and the second youngest had to work-which was fun but had its rough moments.  I got jammed against the side of a tube boat during a water ride and bruised my thigh, sister-married one-got a bit sunburned, miscommunication resulted in spending and hour trying to find each other.  Then we got on a few spinning rides for my nieces-the few types the youngest could get on-and spun a bit too much so we adults were a bit dizzy.
Could be worse I think...

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