Monday, August 3, 2015


It was threatening yesterday, but only sprinkled for a bit.  This morning its full rain and humidity-we need it, but it made sleeping a bit interesting.  Hope it helps the potatoes...
Met my brother's future mother and grandmother in laws, which was fun.  They enjoyed touring the backyard and talking about the garden-nearly got the weeds out, but the rain is preventing that this morning-as well as our fruit trees.  Say that the apple ones have worms-big surprise-and our pines have boring beetles.  That would explain the holes dotting the trunks.
Tilted the bed of my truck to get at the gas tank saturday, so now it looks like a dump truck with a shell.  Just had to remove the four front bolts on the floor and loosen the back two and tilt it up.  Things heavy with the shell and all, but my dad and I managed.  However, as my dad put it, they didn't design the gas tank to come out.  Even after we tilted the bed and disconnected the hose line-found out why it can't be a full tank, the refueling hose is cracked right around the top of the tank-as well as the fuel pump, the rear axle blocked any attempt to pull it down and out. Sigh.  Thinking of removing the bed entirely and going the opposite way, but that requires more than my dad and I to do.
Had a crazy dream about it last night too, where we'd removed the shell-probably need to if we're removing the bed-and I was backing out a truck just like mine and hit the front drivers side of my truck(in the dream I knew it'd crushed the battery)and was then trying to figure out what I could do about it.  Glad when I woke up and knew my truck was still in the garage and undamaged.
Not sure how paying for school's going to go....

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