Friday, August 21, 2015


My dad managed to remove that last bolt last night with very little effort.  When we got the transmission off and out of the way the bolt my sister cut the head off of came out by hand.  Goes to show that we really pinched the stupid things.  So now I can change the clutch. Just have to replace those two bolts when I put it back on.  The clutch is still mounted on the oil pan area by six bolts, which hopefully won't be near as hard-or I'm going to be very annoyed-to remove.
Word for future reference: when getting the transmission off take the top two bolts off first or you're in for a lot of trouble.  Even if you don't think they're there, they are.  And getting them off last is not a good idea.
Of course I still need to tighten down the bolts holding my bed in place-gas tank's already back up and the new filler neck in place-and get the transmission back on, but we're waiting til there's more than two of us to do it.  Took three of us to get it out of the way.
School starts in a week, which is going to be tricky paying for it.  Got enough saved that it shouldn't be too hard, but we'll see.

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