Tuesday, August 11, 2015


It flooded us again! We got a microburst while I was at work friday, which blew out a park booth thing my mom was doing with her painting, and of course guess what we had to drag out to dry saturday? Yep, those big black rubber mats.  My poor dad threw his back out the first time, so he had to stand and watch while the rest of us did it. My brother's fiance helped dig canals while it was raining and she got soaked.  My dad's tired of it so he built a cinder block wall to hopefully hold the water out next time. He used the dirt-our soil is mainly clay and so far is holding but it hasn't rained enough to test it-to hold them in place.
My truck is still not out of the garage! Thanks to the rain we've had to focus on the once more drowned workout area which takes a lot of the energy the truck uses.  One bolt on the transmission-okay, two actually-won't come out and its in the worst spot! Sigh. My sister's trying to get them loose right now. Two people can't fit in there so its a one person job.  No leverage either...
School starting soon, savings low....

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