Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Getting somewhere with my truck, even if we had to cut off one of the bolts-again-to get there.  Having to break the second one, which is the focus right now. But we're a lot closer to changing the clutch. But running out of time, so hopefully today it gets done.  But I would still have to get the new bolts-up to three different kinds now-and the clamp lock for the center support bearing. That can be done once the clutch is replaced though.  And shouldn't cost too much...
Heard back from the dean about my grade, and for the moment they are agreeing with the teacher.  Still talking about it though.
Work is getting interesting, as two of the night shift people I work with are leaving-the one on a mission is really only coming in to help when we have missing people(seems a lot of my coworkers are getting their wisdom teeth out this summer)-so we've got more hours opening up for the rest of us, but it leaves us a bit shorthanded.
Rather hard to mow the lawn-kind of fell to me since all my siblings are too busy and my parents are not quite up to it-when the grass is wet so I have to wait til this afternoon.  Got attacked by ants while weeding this morning.  Only the small black ones, but they were biting so I quit a bit early. Sigh...

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