Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Things are starting to get back to normal after the wedding. At least we got the front room back-was full of chairs from the sunroom so it could be used(not that anyone did)as a dance floor-and are working on the t.v. room which still has a desk or two in there.
General Conference! I got to listen to most of it, though thanks to a exposure issue I missed part of the first one. I was able to hear the end of the second-my coworker was rather annoyed at missing Elder Oaks(?) talk as he's their favorite-before I went to work.  Listened to the sunday morning one while making the usual waffles, then we spent the two hour break trying to find a way to watch it on the big screen.  It worked in the end, though I think we wigged out the clearplay hoping to show it through there-didn't work-before we found a way that worked.  My sister is thinking we could do the suggestion by one of the apostles, to 'ponderize' with both parts of it.  Not sure how well the money one will go, but I'd like to try the scripture one.
Had to book it to school early monday-nearly wound up being late to math as I had to develop one last shot for the first project.  Was panicking because I only had one print ready by the time class started, and then found out-with at least two of my classmates-that the due date had changed to today. On the one hand it meant I was able to get the rest of my prints, on the other it was a little annoying to have missed part of conference and spent the morning running around for nothing.
My mwf english teacher had some conference thing so we don't have class today or friday.  Which for today meant I could run back home and get the cell phone I ran out the door first thing this morning without.  Glad nobody noticed, or at least didn't hear the alarms going off.
We also had a downpour yesterday that was heavy enough it 'set off' the fountain in the backyard without the pump.  Also made it so I missed the bus and my sister very kindly took me up to school so I was only 15 minutes late rather than missing yet another full class.  Funny thing was, that downpour woke me up on time for class, the bus just came a lot earlier than usual.
Getting the hang of drive-was on it all night yesterday-at work, and they still say I'm 'killing it'.  I think it helps that I've already got register down, so all this was was learning to multitask(as in talk to someone and remember their order while getting stuff for an earlier order)and work the headset.
Here's hoping the first assignment goes well...

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