Wednesday, October 14, 2015

So Close...

The truck is getting the pilot bearing in it-if it's not in already-so I might have it back tomorrow! Yeah!  Of course I still need the five bolts and the lock nut, but I can start putting in back together after work today if its done.  Be soooooo nice not to have to bug my siblings and my parents for rides-not to mention having to give them gas money-and be behind the wheel of my truck come snow and such.
School's going as usual.  Still fighting for a pass in math-big surprise-got ready for my next assignment in photo, had a paper due in one english class monday-which I had to scramble on-and another for the same class but much longer due next week. Sigh...
Gotta love midterm, huh?  Of course I don't have any tests, but the paper kind of counts.

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