Thursday, October 29, 2015


Well, this week has its good and bad spots. Tried to get the transmission on my truck monday-may have already mentioned that-and so far it's still waiting for us to get it right.  And everything else can't go on until we get that part in. Sigh.  And everything else should go much faster...
My tuesday-thursday teacher is not feeling so goods we had a sub(cool person with a british accent mixed with an irish lilt-to quote a classmate-that was really enthusiastic) for tuesday and today. they really like to talk about england, so we didn't get as far as we might have-hard to say as the regular teacher is enthusiastic in their own way-otherwise in the subject matter for the week. Hopefully we'll get it done today.
My photo project for yesterday didn't happen due to a printer issue-two were not working and the one that was was being used, there were two others but they were in a locked room and so not useable-so I have to get it done for monday(thank you teacher for letting me do it later, though I'm sure I'll get docked a bit for being late anyway)and am trying to print now.  Printer still isn't liking me, but mainly because the paper is on a roll and likes to skew in the printer. Sigh. Otherwise it's going well thanks to my already having touched up the photos monday.
Ran into a classmate on the bus and we got talking about the final project while the bus took a detour-no idea what was going on, all we saw was a police car with lights going blocking our side of the road just past a traffic light.  It meant my classmate might have been late for their class. I'm just here early so it didn't matter much to me.

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