Friday, October 30, 2015


So tired, and with nothing to show for it. Sigh. Stayed up late with my two youngest brothers trying to get the transmission in to no avail. A friend recommended an altered version of my dad's idea that should work-they happen to be an automotive tech-that I want to try, but I can't get it registered today because it's still dismantled. Grr.
Somehow got up on time-will admit my second oldest brother helped by dragging me out of bed for prayer-to get to the bus, but I nearly fell asleep going to and from because I was so tired. Presentation in english went well, for nearly forgetting it was today-but having already got it ready-and so that was ok.  Math quiz is kind of a shot in the dark, given I'm not sure what I was remembering to do. Here's hoping...
Had frost this morning, so it's cold.  Made walking around harder due to energy loss-did not help me stay awake at all-plus the wind was not helping.  Rain last night may have contributed to the cold, but some things were still dripping despite the frost.

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