Friday, November 6, 2015

Soooo Cloooossee.

I'm so tired from this week.  Have three things left to do on my truck-five if you're counting stuff like the rest of the bolts on the tire well we took off and reconnecting the battery cable-that should be done today, if I'm lucky.  One is get the hydraulic line back on-can't tell that I had problems getting it off-which I'm thinking requires lubrication.  Two would then be to bleed the line-air bubbles make it so the clutch can't disengage-which shouldn't take long. Three is put the gear shift stick back together, but that's not hard.  One of the easiest things to get off, and so far that means it'll be easy to get it back on as long as I do it right. did you know the fluid for the clutch line is the same as for brakes? I wonder why...
My poor photo teacher go the flu, so we had monday and wednesday off-would have been nice to have some warning, but I can't blame them after all-so I've still got to present my second assignment. At least I've got it ready this time...
We got snow! Yesterday and today, though it only stuck yesterday, and melted off rather quick-lame-but it made things even colder.  Not fun walking to the bus when it hurts to breathe.  But I like snow despite that.
Math test today, which I feel good about six of the questions, had no problems with those.  The other four were interesting.  Two I kind of raced through so I probably won't get a good score, but I had to catch the bus.  The other two I tried, but I'm just not sure if I got the formula right.  May-most likely did-have messed up the graphs for the second two anyway.
My mom wants nachos for dinner, so I need cheese...

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