Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Getting Better

I think the cold is on it's way out-if it was a cold, still not certain as the symptoms are the same-so I can focus better today.  Yesterday was rather hard-28 day friend kicked in at work about the same time my stomach began complaining and I was still dealing with a stuffy nose-but I managed somehow(thanks, lord).
Still haven't been able to bleed my clutch line. Need the right size hose for a good seal to get the air out.  Plus I do need the fluid for the transmission before I put the gear shift back on still.
Got one picture done for my final, but I have another quiz tomorrow for english and another paper for the other english due friday. and yet another math quiz...
My sister's car battery tried to kick the bucket this morning so i was late to class. Hope it starts when I have to go to work....

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