Saturday, November 14, 2015


I think my allergies are making one last come back for the season.  Woke up yesterday with the typical cold feeling, and I've still got it today.  Would have hoped it was long past that time, but it seems not. Seems to be going away faster though.
Still no luck on my truck, so it's still sitting in the garage-SO CLOSE! come on! Sheesh-but we don't have that much left-still-before its ready to work again.
Work's been rather crazy, but it is getting close to thanksgiving so its not really surprising.  Had quite the night last night, given that we had a few accidents-one involving a bowl full of hot soup, two of my coworkers, and too little space.  Thankfully no serious burns on that one-but nothing we weren't able to deal with despite the rush.  Found some really cute dolls for my mom's 'holiday' shelf that my brother made for her.
Have a few assignments coming up, so time is going to be tight...

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