Monday, July 13, 2015

Not Again...

Got started on my clutch replacement, and hit a nasty snag.  Turns out my 97 truck has weird stuff.  I guess it was a weird year for ford...The bolts on the drive shaft-which I have to remove to get the transmission out-are twelve point 12mm size that you can't remove with arm strength alone.  My dad tried after I spent about fifteen minutes without it budging.  He had no better luck, and he doesn't have the socket size for his air socket wrench. Gr....
Also sliced my left finger removing the gear shift-not sure why you need to, but I guess it is connected to the transmission-and of course we didn't have any band aids.  So I made do with steri-strips(like super narrow cloth tape that works like stitches but you lay it length wise on the wound to hold it closed)until I got a band aid.  Need to get more though.
Someone in my singles ward that I talk to has to replace the clutch in their 98 ford ranger, but I think theirs is bigger.  And the problem isn't an old clutch, the lubrication line to the gear shift is leaking and it dripped onto the clutch and ruined it.  So before they can replace the clutch they have to fix the leak so it doesn't just ruin the new one all over again.
Went on a walk with my mom this morning, and used my previously unused running shoes. I think that may have been why my ankle was acting up, because it felt much better to walk in those despite adjusting to new shoes.
We're getting raspberries!  But they are still ripening so we've only got a handful to eat thus far.

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