Thursday, July 16, 2015

And Nope...

Still didn't get very far with my truck. The drive shaft is free, but still in the transmission as it has a mount between the back wheels and the trans.  Drained the fluid in the trans-and somehow thought there wouldn't be that much fluid so now the very old and very black stuff is on the bottom of the pit in our garage-so at least I got that out of the way.
Made it to the temple with my parents and they actually asked me to do a few extra baptisms-which is a first-so I did fifteen in all.  It helped my headache too, so there was my benefit.
My sister came home from work and is now asleep on the floor of the computer room where I'm at due to a late bedtime last night. Going to try to get her up for dinner, and I'm sure its not good for her back and stuff.  Plus she probably won't get up to her alarms in here either.

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