Monday, June 29, 2015


It's getting really hot now. We've got the traditional dry patch growing in the backyard where the sprinklers can't keep it wet enough despite my dad's efforts to fix that. And its really making the weeds an issue to remove.  My dad did get the watering system set up in the garden to care for the volunteer potatoes I uncovered while weeding.
Plus we've got those weird bugs that seem to multiply regardless of what we do.  Need to get bug spray today, they're taking over the window in my room. Don't even know what kind of bugs they are.
Spent wednesday packing and then heading north for a YSA activity that went to saturday morning.  It was fun, though I was a bit sick on friday, but it passed.  Had a fun dance party that night I was able to participate in.  Ran into the girl who was asking me about cross stitch-she called me 'cross stitch girl' when she recognized me-and she still hadn't got around to trying it.  It was a nice trip, although the beds were too hard for me-waking up with bruised hips after only 4-6 hours of sleep is not fun.

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