Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Nice People

I've been getting parts from a local store whenever my aging truck needs them-if I can do it myself, as there are some things you can't do at home-and today I had to get a clutch replacement kit.  That clutch has survived 20 years and five kids mastering a standard transmission on it.  But its kicking the bucket now, so I get to find out how to replace the stuff.  The owner-I think they own it anyway, as they always seem to be there-gave me a discount on the kit, on top of the discount the store usually has for parts.  Not much, but it helps.
Spent an hour in the garden trying to catch the weeds that exploded after yesterday's microbursts.  Those didn't help the heat, just made it a bit more humid.  So I was sweating for most of the hour.  And I'm sore and a bit tired from it too. Grr.
Moved the tile into the kitchen now, but it's just laid out.  Hope to get it down this afternoon, but I'm also hoping to get the clutch in too.  Might not, so I'll have to see. The floor is a tad more urgent-to me-than my clutch.  That'll hold a bit longer.  Floor's driving us a bit crazy and needs to be done.

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