Monday, June 22, 2015

And Again.

Heard back from my photography teacher, who claims my final project grade is a result of the whole semester, not just the final presentation-which they did not say at the time to my recall-so the grade is justified.  They also said I did not take advantage of the cameras available at school, though those have restraints just like borrowing my mom's camera did.  I knew about the old cameras, but not the more modern ones, much less where to get them.
So its still under debate.
We've got 90% of the tile grouted and sealing!  Of course that meant staying up til 2:30 a.m. sunday to get the grout right, and a lot of sore muscles.  My mom, sister, and I cleaned it three times this morning then put down the sealant.  That has to sit for 2-5 hours so nobody's allowed on it til then.  We're thinking of putting a second coat on to be safe, but not til the last of the grout is ready.
So close!!!!

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