Friday, December 11, 2015

I. Hate. Finals. Week.

This semester has been rough.  This whole week has been really hard-I think all the lack of sleep was catching up to me-so I haven't been writing much here.  Nearly over, but I still have stuff to do. Sigh...
Had my one english final stuff yesterday, including a nice grade on my project but no final grade yet.  Looks like I may pass that one.  The other english final started today, and I have until thursday to finish it up.  Doubt I'll wait that long.  Thinking I 'll get it done tomorrow.  They had it in two parts so the first was an in class thing and the second is online.  Another essay....
Photography is pretty much done, just the test next wednesday on Photoshop-I think, I wasn't there due to a work conflict when the teacher may have told us after we finished presenting our final projects-so that shouldn't be too hard.  They liked my photo's, so that's a good sign.
And lastly math, final is also wednesday, but the teacher plans to review for about two hours before they'll open up the test for us to take.  Really hope to do well, so tired of math and all this deep thinking.  After that I get three weeks to breathe, then it's all photography until April and I should be done! Yay! Would that be considered the homeward stretch?

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