Monday, December 7, 2015


Sigh, friday worked out well, saturday did not.  Got the three good photos scanned into the computer after I took my quiz-not too bad, though I was a bit confused-and still caught my usual bus home so I could work on my paper.  That pretty much took all weekend and I'm still not done, plus I have a final project due tomorrow that I still need to get together. Sigh...
Did not get any of my photo's done saturday due to issues-lets say a very nasty basement took longer to clean than expected and I lost track of time doing it-but nearly finished my ten page paper so that should be done in time.  Currently printing my photos, which I'm up to 4 for the final.
Went to see the lights yesterday with my siblings and parents-older married sister didn't come, but my oldest brother made it with his wife-which was cool, though we forgot about the devotional happening so we hit traffic trying to park.  Most of us missed it coming home, but my parents and brother couldn't get to their car so they may have got stuck in it on the way back.
My second youngest brother talked us into playing dreydel, and then he nearly lost anyway.  We had to quit as it was getting late.  Bt it was fun playing with two different types of pretzels.  Lit the manora too.
Finals week........

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