Monday, December 14, 2015


about finals are totally not cool.  Spent much of last week with them-wither dreaming of losing my final project for photography, getting told off by my english professors(not sure how I can remember that when I don't remember the dream) or waking up fearing I'd slept through my final for math somehow.  Would really hope not for the second to last semester of my college classes.
Got my last english final in saturday, meaning if all goes well that's it for my major so next semester will all be my minor classes.  Tried to study for my photography final test, but its just reviewing the stuff we read during the semester so I just skimmed it.
Snowed all last night and all day today so far, meaning my mom's dog was in danger of disappearing if they fell while I walked them this morning.  Tried to stomp out a path for the little guy, but they still had issues.  Whereas the oldest dog nearly landed me in the snow because they love it.  Crazy dog...
So down to math final and photography final on wednesday.  Which means I have two more days of rather white stress until I'm done for the semester and I can pray I pass everything...

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