Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Buried Alive!!!!

At least I think that's how the smaller dogs must feel with the snow.  My mom's dog was barely able to get through the shallower areas thanks to the amount we got yesterday and last night.  We lost a number of tree branches too.  Made my work rather slow as no one wanted to travel.  One road nearby was very slow going and no one would allow people in just because they didn't dare stop for fear of getting stuck.
I probably would have if I'd taken my truck, but I couldn't get it out of the driveway-snowplows have created a nice layer of snow, ice, and water right in front of it-so my sister lent me her car with much better tires.  Still had a bit of trouble getting it out of the driveway anyway.
Now working on math studying, which meant digging out all three exams-not that they were buried, just making sure I still had them really-and the practice ones, and the answer sheets we'd gotten for them.  Which is a lot to cover, but it just a review really, so it shouldn't be too bad(here's hoping anyway).
I am so sore from shoveling snow!!!

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