Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Not really, actually.  Looks like things are picking up at work, so I can get more hours-got called in today because things were rather busy-and therefore not feel so panicked about paying for school.  Today was very crazy, as the lunch rush started early and then continued til after 2.  Got off a bit early though, but I got in early anyway.  Tried the new lemon ginger bundt cake, which is very good, though probably not good for you.
Only have photography class today, though I do need to finish the reading assignment paper-just have to fill it out, I read the thing yesterday-and print it off.  though I will admit I'm not sure I need it for today, but it can't hurt to have it early.  Plus if I go in early I can turn in my photo for the student exhibition before class.  That will ease the drama for that stuff by one.  Though I could try to get one of the creative writing ones in this week too...
My sister lost her phone, and her twin located it just now in her diaper bag-guess it fell in or she put it in there while babysitting this week-so either she'll get it if she goes over there after work, or I'll get it on the way home from school.  We'll see.

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