Monday, January 5, 2015

End of the Cold...

But it's been cloudy since saturday.  No snow though, and the ice on the driveway is steadily melting off so we can park with less issues.  Babysitting again today, but the girls aren't dressed for snow so we can't go sledding now. Sigh.  My youngest niece found her sister's minions robe(from Despicable Me)and put it on her head so she could wander around like a ghost.  Took a video of it-right before she encountered the dinning room table I forgot she couldn't see and fell down-but can't figure out how to get it in my blog...
Then she was following my second youngest brother around, and trying to close the garage door with his head in the way.  Got a video of that too.  Her sister has a cute outfit that I took pictures of, but once more I can't put them up here yet.
Work on saturday ran almost an hour and a half late, so I got home around 10:30 and didn't bother finding something to eat for dinner.  My dad was rather annoyed because yesterday was fast sunday-first of the year-so I would go longer than everyone else before breaking my fast.
Celebrated the earlier mentioned brother's twenty-first birthday yesterday too.  My oldest brother and his fiance came by, as did my grandma.  We played phase 10(my grandma claims she doesn't cheat and yet gave hints to my brother who was seated next to her about what he could discard so she could get what she needed-right)until they all needed to go home.  Those cards are about to bite the dust, as all of them are threatening to split in half just with normal handling and shuffling.  they are several years old.
School doesn't start til next week, so the panic went out the window about transportation.  I still want my truck back....

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