Saturday, January 10, 2015

That's Done.

First payment for spring semester is in progress.  This is going to make things very tight, as I only have enough in my savings for one more, and no big expenses-not sure I can pay for gas to get to school and work, but I hope I can work that out as soon as I get paid in two weeks-for the time being.  Good news is I only have to go to school three days out of the week, and work only one day.  Both good and bad in regards to cash flow.
Got the safety inspection done, and the follow up of changing the truck title.  Going to get a new one next week from the sound of things.  Think I finally got the last of the grease out of my fingernails and skin, which the men at the auto repair place that did the safety were teasing me about doing it all by myself.  I can take that as a compliment, given my dad's joke about recording the whole process.
Cloudy and smoggy today, which makes me want to avoid going outside-cold with smog makes breathing very interesting.  Don't have asthma otherwise.  My sister has even more of a problem than I do when it's like this.  Supposed to get snow or something by monday, so that should clear it up for the start of school. Yay...

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