Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Last night was so weird.  I worked out with both my parents, which is hurting me today, especially when I raise my arms above my shoulders. We did a specific workout, then added come core.  That hurt at the time, but felt better after.  Problem was I sat down afterwards and so had issues getting back up.
Had weird dreams last night, and then my dad got up to get ready for work and had the feeling someone or something had just left my room. I was still asleep in my bed, so he woke me up enough to ask if I'd left my room.  Given how much asleep I was, I said no without thinking too much about why he was asking.  He explained when I got up for prayer, and so I was a bit paranoid after that.
Work was busy for lunch, but slow after that so I got very bored waiting to get off. At least I got paid today-yesterday being a holiday meant it was a day late compared to the last one-so that is a good thing.

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