Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Did Not Expect That

I wasn't really happy with a present I ordered online before Christmas, as I paid extra to get it on time but still got it the week after Christmas-mentioned it at the time-and so did not give them a favorable review.  the site was one of the most reliable and so took it to heart.  They got together and gave me back most of the extra charge to help make up for it.  The reason I felt bad was due to the fact that I wasn't really annoyed at them, just the shipper.  Well, I do kind of need the money though.  So I went back and gave them a better review.
Started a a family competition to try and lose weight this year.  I've gained more than I really wanted too, and I will admit that my dad is right in wondering where most of it is.  But my mom got a nice new scale, so we can all keep track.  This should be fun.
And thus begins the homework.

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