Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Well, last week was hard despite the fact hat nothing really changed from my job to school and home stuff. It was just hard emotionally for some reason.  So I asked my dad for a blessing sunday and so far this week is much better. Once again nothing has changed, just I feel a bit more support it seems.  And I can go to the temple with my parents this afternoon, first time in several weeks.
I now have my second class up to 50% and am trying to find a time to take the basic skills test before September.  All the times in August are noon, in September they get more variations (like 10 am and 4 pm) so it's not easy when I work almost every day.  My cousin told me it was around $300-$400 for it, but when I looked it up they only charged $150.  Much more manageable.
My manager suggested I try eye drops for the watery eyes after a long shift on drive so I got some yesterday.  Haven't made the grainy feeling go away, but it's much better and they don't feel nearly as tired.  Aiming the drops while holding my eye open has been entertaining though.  My mom had to help me the first time and gave me a tip so at least I kind of got the next set(put more in this morning and they felt gritty when I woke up)in my eye instead of on my face.
Good news is we got some rain yesterday which cooled the morning off. But when I got to work the sun had come out and we hit over 80 degrees before the sun went down.  Plus work was rather busy for a tuesday, but compared to the very boring shift monday I prefer it.  Even though I barely got off before 11 trying to clean up after we closed.
Sunny today, but I don't have work. So not really a lazy day(dishes, rent work, homework, then dinner) but certainly a slower one.

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