Monday, May 1, 2017


Aced the final just like I aced the midterm so I got a C+ if my math is right.  Either way I passed, now I just have to wait for the official transcript to come out so I can send it to the school I'm working on getting into for my masters.  They always do the unofficial transcripts first(that's why their 'unofficial')and then you wait a while to get the ones colleges or universities accept for transfers.
Supposed to have a conference call with the enrollment counselor assigned to me before work tomorrow.  Might make it interesting getting to work as it's right before.
Got more rain over the weekend which is fine.  Still coughing from cleaning out the garage-or I caught something from my dad that just makes me cough-and I haven't finished it yet either.  Have more time this week though so I should get to working on my truck especially since I no longer have to worry about my online class.  Will be starting that stuff up again in June though, as long as all goes well...
Trying to figure out what to get my mom for mother's day as I can afford to do more than buy the bread she likes for french toast from my work for once.  But I'm drawing a blank as to what. Sigh.  Got part of a gift for fathers day at least.

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