Tuesday, May 30, 2017


My school has assigned mentors for individual students and then one for each class to help get through the experience.  I finally got assigned one today, even though I've been registered to start for over a week.  The real annoyance about it is that the mentor person has to approve the classes I've set up for my degree and allow me to start them when the semester starts.  Plus they'll be able to give me some insight into how I can arrange them and what shortcuts I can take.  And what classes have to be taken first, yada yada yada. You get the idea.  Been waiting for it all week so I can be ready for thursday(when classes start) and all set to go.
Winter is being slow to let go here, so I replanted the rest of the snow peas to see if it was cold enough for them to grow.  Set out the earwig traps but I used olive oil.  I think the sunflower weed oil worked better so I may have to get some as we're out of it.  Olive oil got a pile of ants and some box-elder bugs though.  Birds aren't as interested either.
So back to waiting for things to happen....


  1. winter is slow or summer?? lol :)

  2. Winter is slow to let go, summer is slow to come lol.