Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Things I love About Old Cars

1. Stable, Dependable, Durable.  And yes I mean all three.  Take a new car verses and old and most time the old will drive away with little to no damage while the new car gets totaled(example, my sister's new car clipped the bumper of the car in  front of her last year and wound up totaled with her car towed away from the scene, I was rear ended a few years back and spend a little over a thousand-insurance called it totaled because the car was old, not because it was too damaged-fixing it and I drove away from the accident.  I was very late for work though.
2. 9 out of ten times the old parts last for years while new parts are designed to only last so long rather than to see how long they can last.  Example: the new parking brake cable had a clamp part that when the brake was fully engaged had the small problem of popping off and therefore allowing the truck to roll.  The old clamp was still fine and in fact is now back on without any signs of popping off.
3. I can reach almost everything in my engine through the hood, and what I can't reach I just have to get under the car for-that's what jacks and garage pits are for.  New cars have this stupid cover that takes fifteen to 30 minutes to get off and then you can fix stuff.
4. Computer components. Old cars have sensors and lights, with radio and that's about it on electronics.  Locks are manual as are windows so if you forget-or lock them in-your keys its not too complicated to get the door open again.  New cars have power locks, alarms should someone try to touch them, and auto windows.  And hackers aren't a concern here...?
5. Transmission.  I've always wondered if anyone would bother trying to steal my boring standard truck.  It's old, worn and not very impressive looking.  Probably not worth much either.  But with the manual locks there's no alarms.  There is the small factor of wondering if a person stealing it can get it out of the driveway or parking lot without stalling.  New cars you just override the alarm system and locks and drive off in the automatic transmission.  Have to say I'm not a fan of automatics.  Would be fun to see someone trying to steal my truck.  Saw a article a few years ago about someone trying to steal a manual transmission car and not making it out of the parking lot.  I'd just be sitting there laughing while waiting for the cops to show up.
6. Quirks.  Yes old cars tend to have these, but in my mind that means you've had the car long enough to know what works and how.  My truck has a few that are very easy to cope with.  The electronic wiring has a few bugs but to deal with those I just have to whack the dashboard.  New car quirks aren't nearly as fun. Generally they interfere with the car's ability to drive.
So in most cases old cars can take a hit and keep running while new cars crumple and get totaled.  Forget the quirks, it seems the car manufacturers are so focused on avoiding passenger injuries they forgot the making the car crumble and the smallest impact can have worse implications than if the car could take it.  So I'll keep my boring old standard as long as I can.  I know it works and mostly how it works.  Can they say that about the new cars? I wonder.

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