Wednesday, May 24, 2017


So I can start on time but I have to pay for the first semester out of pocket as they can't get the financial aid set up in time.  But once it kicks in I'll get reimbursed for whatever I'd get from it.  So now I'm trying to set up the payment stuff but it takes a bit for that to kick in as well. Sigh...At least the intake interview thing is done so only the payment and the orientation thing left before class starts June 1(in other words next week).
Feels like such a long week and it's only wednesday. Sigh.  Monday was work and gardening before going with my mom to a school district 5k run. My dad came too but it was a bit more for kids than adults.  Fun to watch them though.  Yesterday was subbing for a sixth grade teacher who had a handful of good students, the rest made it clear that it was way too close for summer.  I hope the teacher didn't have a hard time as I was only there until lunch.  Then work after that, which was downright boring by comparison.  Today was an early day for work but ended an hour early given both yesterday's slowness and today's.  Though today wasn't as slow but slow enough it seems.  Gave me time to grab lunch, run to the store, pick up my youngest brother from school, then come home and have dinner ready by 6:30(aiming for earlier but that didn't happen as my sister came over with her three kids in the middle of it-not that I mind, but it made things tricky as I tried to keep them out of harms way).
Passing through the tail end of a micro-burst at the moment.  Rain's gone but plenty of wind and a bit of lightning to make up for it.  Snow last week killed all but four of my pepper plants! Good thing all the others were cold weather anyway, they're fine.  Corn's popping up this week and the romaine's going a bit crazy.  Almost the entire row came up.  Got some spinach as well, but so far the only kale is the sprout my mom got with the other seeds.  It's something though.  Have to get out there soon and get the earwig traps up before they infest the romaine and corn.  And need to plant the anti bug flowers to prevent the grasshoppers.  Not going to happen today though. Also have to reset my deer scarers before they go after the greens.  Haven't seen them yet either, but no sense waiting until they do.  Like to get more than one batch of the lettuce this year.

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