Thursday, May 11, 2017

Running Out of Time...

I received an email about the transcripts I sent to the online school saying they had them but still no word from my enrollment counselor about what else I needed to do to get going on June 1st.  So getting a little annoyed I sent them an email asking about it.  Usually that gets my counselor to call me within 20-30 minutes to answer the question rather than waiting for them to email me back.  I don't think it was even ten minutes before they called me about it.  Now I have an entrance type interview scheduled for monday after work.  That didn't quite answer all my questions but it got the ball rolling.
Of course I also have my truck in the garage at the moment, meaning that yesterday was and today is a bit tricky in getting to work.  I think I mentioned the parking brake cable was rusty and fraying back in February, and needed replacement. I got the parts just had to clear off the pit so I could work on it.  I should know by now that my truck is never as quick an easy as the videos and stuff online say it should be.   The cable is in two parts: the front line that runs from the pedal to the back of the truck where there's a splitter.  That connect to two other cables, each running to one of the back drum brakes.  I have the front main cable out and the new one in, and the driver's side rear one ready(just have to get the old one out)but somehow when I got the other two cables I didn't get the passenger side one.  And that's the worst of the two.  So while I could go without changing the drivers side rear, I need the passenger side which I have to get through Ford, not through a parts place(though my sister can get them at her work but not until tomorrow).
Got corn and cilantro planted.  Trying to empty out the second load of mulch so we can get the trailer off the lawn.
Caught a nasty stomach bug on sunday that I really wish I could have thrown up but never did-I think that's why the nausea lingered until yesterday-and was not really doing much.  Also think I gave it to my dad.....Oooppps....
Just a few things this weekend...

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