Monday, May 15, 2017

Mothers Day!

Which I hope was fun for my mom, sadly I was tired enough that I can't say for sure.  Had a late night saturday due to getting my truck back together(stupid clamp wouldn't hold when the parking brake was engaged, kept popping out of place) then got up before 7:30 to make breakfast for her before she had church.  Managed to get some of the poached(she wanted eggs benedict)eggs to have liquid yolks but not all of them.  So that was a plus.  Sadly her present didn't get here in time so I'll have to give it to her when it comes-if it didn't get sent to my brother and sister in law's house somehow.
Saturday was a crazy day at work-big surprise, free french toast for mom's during breakfast and then half off pastry night?  I'm not too surprised at the crush of people.  Though it meant that instead of getting off at 7 as planned I had to run out the door after 8 even though there was a line out the door.  My manager had to ensure I didn't get stuck working for another hour(if that's when the rush ended, it was still going strong at 8:30) as I'd been there since 11 a.m.  But it was good for sales and such.  and made me very glad today was much better.
Hit a snag on starting to enroll for school: the FAFSA I'd sent in had the wrong year or was missing part of it. So I had to go back in and finish it.  So I can't enroll just yet. Great...
Then the cable we'd been wrestling with saturday(the clamp connector I mentioned earlier actually) popped loose when I was parking in the driveway at home.  Small mercy there that it was at home and not at work, though work I could deal with.  Home doesn't have a curb to stop the car.  My brother had to come out with a brick so I could stop stomping on the regular brake and get out.  Thinking of getting out the old part that's still good and using that. Sigh.......

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  1. It was awesome! Especially due to your efforts, so thanks sweetie. :)