Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Too Much Iron in Your Blood

If you remember that line from X-Men 2 where Magneto escapes from prison.  In my case though I have the opposite problem.  I mentioned that my doctor wanted to check my iron levels but never got back to me on it.  Went to see them thursday and found out the paperwork got misplaced and my iron's really low.  So now I'm on an iron supplement and strict orders to not donate blood or anything until they say otherwise.  Thing is, I have to take it on an empty stomach like the thyroid stuff unless is makes me nauseous.  And if it does they recommend drinking orange juice as it helps my body absorb it.  Anything else actually hinders that it seems.  So yet another pill to take...
Stupid deer killed off the celery and may have killed the honey dew-they ate all the leaves off it-along with two tomatoes and one of the zucchini.  Then a power outage over the weekend messed up the sprinkler system so they didn't get watered all weekend save when I did it by hand saturday afternoon. So I watered them manually yesterday so they'd be okay until my dad got the control box reprogrammed.
Down to four days to finish my current class, and I have 40% left to do along with the second pretest(took the first yesterday, and I'm not too bad, but still have 4% to work on to pass) before the final.  And I'm working everyday this week. Sigh.  We lost another night shift manager, which is part of the reason why.
Spent four days out of town with my YSA group so you'd think I'd be feeling better.  Thing is we were camping and I just don't sleep well outside of my bed.  Camping is worse too, so I spent four days with late nights and early mornings.  Then I get home and have to get up just as early for the GRE test friday.  Didn't sleep too bad, though it was not easy getting out of bed.  And saturday was early to work so no sleeping in then.  Tried to sleep in sunday but my youngest brother was home(he's still trying to fix his car)and he was up at 9 messing with lego's or something similar so that didn't work. Sigh.....

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