Friday, June 30, 2017


It's amazing how fast a person can get heat exhaustion or heat stroke without realizing it.  Got heat exhaustion  while planting the squash and tomatoes before the YSA activity and that made going to work fun.  Today my dad's trying to replace the shingles on our roof(they got damaged during the last few big wind storms and are very worn so we're putting new ones on) as quickly as possible.  I'm trying to take my test  for my online class(got up to 91% yesterday) and the mentor's site is wigging out.  Mine works jsut fine but they can't approve me taking the test due to IT issues.  So I was helping for a good 45-50 minutes and drinking bits of water as I'm told drinking too much causes just as many problems.  Not drinking enough it seems as I found myself dumping my breakfast into the bushes off the side of the roof.
I did get a bit on the roof where we haven't shingled yet but not very much.  So now I'm banished from the roof for a bit and waiting to see on my test.  Aggravating thing is my dad and sister have been up there much longer but I guess they're tougher or drinking more water than me.  Plus my parent's new Home Teacher was here to help with math and such and is now taking my spot on the roof laying singles for my sister to nail down.  So yeah, I gave myself heat stroke I bet. Sigh.  None of the other symptoms, just throwing up.  Spent five minutes with that part as every time I moved more came up.  Didn't think I ate that much for breakfast....
Oh well, hopefully I can get them to come down soon because staying up there much longer will probably land them in a worse state than me no matter how much water they drink.  Plus its lunch time anyway when my mom and I get something figured out.

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