Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I honestly think they get the short end of the stick most of the time.  I hear stories of teachers who get blamed for students doing poorly when the student refuses to do the work at all.  Then I sub for the teachers who have students that it's a challenge to get them to stop disrupting the other students, forget keeping them in their seats for any decent length of time.
That's not even resource or special education classrooms either.  Those you'd expect it in.  No, these are the regular classes with students that act up.  Granted, in one case those kids were for certain ADHD so that made sense.  And the teacher did warn me about it.
But then there are all the meetings and stuff they are supposed to do that are during the times their supposed to be teaching so they need someone like me.  And having a sub in the class with a difficult student only seems to encourage that student.  I've had the school principal come in one classroom to get a student to act better, and other teachers.
So I think it's a thankless job for most of them.  And here I am working to be one.  Not that it's changed my mind at all.

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